Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Anatomy of a Stoner Coffee Table

Welcome to the anatomy of a stoner coffee table. We've all got essentials that stay near us when we're chilling at home, but stoners have a different variation of essentials from what our parents and uptight friends have. Below we have a photo, labelled, of Raygun's coffee table.

A: A bowl of Kit Kats (obviously the first essential).
B: A journal for all of your million dollar ideas.
C: Two half drunk beers. Because you forgot about your first one and opened a second one.
D: Wallet, for fast pizza ordering.
E: A bong. This one's name is the Potato Maker.
F: Another half drunk beer that your homie opened and then realized they were supposed to be at work 10 minutes ago.
G: Glass of water #1
H: Glass of water #2
I: Glass of water #3
J: Inhaler
K: Fall scented candle
L: A Frankenstein cup full of colored pencils and paint.
M. Lighter
N. Both remotes
O: A half drank Mountain Dew from yesterday.
P: A can of wet wipes, because we're always knocking shit over.

Lastly, without a letter because she's not actually on the coffee table is Kahlo the dog and her many blankets. One day these blankets are going to trip and kill me. Send in photos of your stoner coffee tables!

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